this was written for the "Publish or Perish" KuroFai challenge: characterization. YAY! First Fic! 

I thought that perhaps, this exercise was good to start writing something, because when you lack confidence in what you do, it’s easier following predetermined patterns, let’s say. So I chose this scene, because I find that here, Kurogane’s and Fai’s roles could be easily switched without making them too OOC. But perhaps, also because of that, this will be too boring. Anyways, this is my first attempt to write, so, please, baring that in mind, be patient! Here goes the first part.

The geyser erupted with all its force and speed, surprising Sakura (who had not been able to feel it coming), Mokona, and Fai… for a moment everything seemed to slow down, time seemed to stop, while Fai watched as the strong flow of water broke its way through tension-filled air directly to the wing-egg, in which a naïve princess found herself too surprised to act quickly. The magician didn’t think it twice as he lounged his “swallow” forward, hitting the wing-egg with all his might and taking the hit on himself.

In the waiting lounge Kurogane and syaoran, along with everyone else gasped in horror at what they were watching trough the giant screen

For some time he couldn’t quite understand what was happening, until he realised he needed to struggle to get outside the water for air. But most of all, he didn’t want to upset the princess and Mokona, he wanted to show them he was alright.
“Well… not completely…” he thought after feeling a searing pain on his left hand, where the car had crushed bones and gashed skin…
Nonetheless he assured the princess he was perfectly fine with one of his most radiant smiles (and fakest, mind you), and ushered her to continue the race…

Kurogane got up from his chair, leaving Syaoran and Ryuu ou startled…
“Well, that idiot mage should be here any second now, so I’ll be gone for a minute”
“But… Kurogane-san… wouldn’t it be ok if we waited for him here…?”
“I bet he won’t let the doctors examine him, that airhead...”
“Is he hurt?” the worried expression in the brat’s face was evident… so Kurogane chose not to tell anything explicitly.
“He’s just TOO stubborn for his own good”.

“Hyuu… Kuro-daddy is such a gentleman… He came over here to check on Fai – mommy!” Fai said with a bright smile plastered on his face “Oh, but you shouldn’t have, Kuropi, see? I’m ok!” he added before kurogane could say something to contradict him… not that the ninja would back off… he was just too used to the mage’s lies to mind his futile attempts of distraction…
“You should see a doctor” he said grumpily taking Fai’s wrist in a strong grip, to prevent his travelling companion from getting away…
“Oh… is Kuro-sama worried about me? How sweet!”
“I am NOT! And I’m not sweet either” he let go of the mage’s wrist and crossed his arms on his chest… just like an angered child… “But you’re going to worry the princess, the white manjuu and the brat if you keep this on”.
Fai smiled at this, a little less fake smile… but he wouldn’t let the taller man scrap at his mask that easily.
“And what about Kuro-daddy? Isn’t HE worried about me?” he said with what he hoped was a flirtatious smile…
“I can’t worry about people who don’t value themselves enough as to take care of their own body… and mind” Kurogane said with one of his typical piercing stares, the ones (and only) that could reach Fai’s conscience and make him feel a little guilty (though he would never show it).
Fai was dumbstruck. Damn Kurogane and his honesty and straight-forwardness and perspicacity…
“And who would that be Kuro-daddy?” he knew that playing dumb only angered Kurogane even more, but an angered Kurogane was by far more manageable (AND endearing) and less ready-to-attack than a focused one…
Just when the ninja’s face was turning a deeper colour from frustration, they were distracted by the great roar that erupted from the happy and cheering multitude, and as they discretely smiled to themselves, watching Sakura’s gleeful smile for having won, they forgot momentarily why they were so angered with the other…
“Besides…” Kurogane said as if their talk hadn’t been interrupted “I didn’t come here just to check on you…”
“So you WERE indeed worried about me Kuro-sama! How cute!”
“Shut – up! I am telling you… whatever… I came here because I wanted to ask you if you noticed it… there’s something weird happening here…”
“I know what you mean Kuro-tan” Fai was suddenly being serious, so Kurogane chose to let the nickname slip… “Someone cheated…”

“Hyuu! Sakura-chan finally won! Hyuu! Fai shouted waiving his arms like a crazy mill. He stopped abruptly, but not before Kurogane could see a flash of pain on his expression.
“If you over-exaggerate it, the Princess will think it’s her fault” he said grumpily.
“Don’t worry about me Kuro-daddy”
“Don’t be selfish and ruin her happiness. For once she seems to be able to laugh and smile… to change from the worried girl he was at first… just like the brat…”
Fai took a long look at him and finally said with the most honest smile Kurogane had seem on him up to that moment:
“It seems you have changed a little too, Kuro-rin”